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Web Room Service

The hotel staff can control the minibar, the room and any faults using the Smart Phone

Web Room Service is a component of the Service Hotel System and is designed to meet the needs to simplify and ease the hotel room management and maintenance by the hotel staff.

Using this option, the hotel staff can receive, change and send to the reception a number of useful information in real time:

In order to make Web Room Services easier and faster to use, rooms may be filtered based on four criteria: rooms to make up, rooms to make up on check-out, minibar to control, faulty rooms. Criteria can be combined.

Altecon Web Room Service - Menu

Altecon Web Room Service - Room Management

Room Management

When the maid puts her card into the card holder inside the room or when she selects the room from the main menu, she activates a menu with the followings menu entries:

  • Make up Room;
  • Test Room Functions;
  • Control Minibar;
  • Other programmable Menu Entries.

Altecon Web Room Service - Minibar Management

Minibar Refilling

Refilling the minibar is the most important function offered by Web Room Service. This function allows the maid to report the minibar status to the reception, using a simple screen format in the tablet. This screen format can be customized based on the drinks offered typically by the hotel.

Along with the information about the drinks to supply, the Service Hotel Software allows to debit the drinks to the guest's account (according to the specific hotel policy).

Also, Service Hotel Software allows to print supply lists for each single room, organized according to the hotel procedures for the rooms: by floor, by time range, by check-in times, etc. Using these lists, the maid can easily and securely refill the drinks in the room minibar.

Altecon Web Room Service - Fault Management

Fault Management

The maid can test the room functions and report any faults: these are immediately recorded in the supervision software and the maintenance operator is immediately warned.

Web Room Service on Samsung Galaxy

Web Room Service on Samsung Galaxy - Minibar Management