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AtcPos - POS terminal software

AtcPos permits to charge the customer - via the computer - all the expenses he incurred in the hotel locations, like bar and restaurant.
The expenses charging occurs using the same trasponder card assigned to the guest to access his room, or using special cards supplied to the hotel staff.

AtcPOS - Point of Sale service by Altecon

AtcPos collaborates with the Service Hotel Software to collect and account the guest expenses. Service Hotel is used to program and configure the cards used by AtcPos, with the possibility to enable or disable them at all times.

AtcPos graphic interface hes been designed to be used on touch screen computers making the utilization by the dedicated staff easier and more intuitive.
The (non fiscal) recepit can also be printed, if a printer is connected to the computer used for the POS service.

AtePso can be connected to the central unit vie the ethernet connection, so the POS terminal can be located wherever it is more appropriate.